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Teen-Adult Karate Classes


These classes are for Ages 13 and above

Our teen/adult classes are meant to be fun and physically demanding.  Our system is designed to increase fitness and self defense skills that compliment each individual’s ability.  As soon as one skill is achieved students are presented with another to keep them motivated and challenged both physically and mentally.  Our adult students come from all different backgrounds including average moms and dads, students, teachers, law enforcement officers and medical personnel. 


They develop strong friendships with one another that can only be achieved through sharing a common goal of black belt.  Because of the respect each student gains from their peers and instructors, especially among the teens, one’s self-esteem increases giving them the confidence needed to succeed in a challenging world.


If you would like to setup a time to visit our school or speak with someone directly then please contact us here or call (480)888-2088 today!


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"Families that KICK together, STICK together!"



Introductory Class

Includes a FREE UNIFORM! Beginner classes are Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 and Tues & Thurs at 6:30. Walk-ins are welcome or call for more information.


Multi-Person Discounts

Save more on multi-child and/or parent discounts. Contact us for a discounted rate quote.

4 to Adult

All Ages Welcome

We have kids, teens, adult and family classes available. Come and join the fun, call us today.