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Little Dragons - Kids Karate Classes


These classes are for Ages 3-5

Our Little Dragons program is designed to introduce martial arts to our youngest students.  We have developed a curriculum that is not only fun, but also increases physical skills and martial arts ability.  Emphasis is placed on attention, self-control, and respect.  Children learn the basics of martial arts in both forms (coordination) and self-defense (stranger danger). 


Whereas most martial arts schools hold back their youngest group of children through age eight, we feel that keeping students challenged increases attention and motivation.  Once children have mastered the beginning basics of martial arts they are given the opportunity to advance to our youth program as early as age five.


If you would like to setup a time to visit our school or speak with someone directly then please contact us here or call (480)888-2088 today!


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Introductory Class

Includes a FREE UNIFORM! Beginner classes are Monday and Wednesday at 4:30 and Tues & Thurs at 6:30. Walk-ins are welcome or call for more information.


Multi-Person Discounts

Save more on multi-child and/or parent discounts. Contact us for a discounted rate quote.

4 to Adult

All Ages Welcome

We have kids, teens, adult and family classes available. Come and join the fun, call us today.